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Your opinions have an impact on our world. Here are some of the latest news stories where surveys completed by members of the Angus Reid Forum are getting attention and appearing in the news.

Angus Reid Institute poll shows continued momentum for NDP under Jagmeet Singh

The Georgia Straight

The summary of a new poll carries these words in the headline: "Minority Report?"

It's the Angus Reid Institute's way of immediately conveying that the rise of the NDP and the Bloc Québécois is making a Conservative or Liberal majority less likely in the October 21 election.

More Canadians trust Scheer than Trudeau to manage immigration

National Post
More Canadians trust Andrew Scheer to manage Canada’s immigration than Justin Trudeau, and more than half say the Liberals have been too soft on border issues, says new polling from the Angus Reid Institute.

Majority of Canadians — B.C. is tops, at 90 per cent — worry about money laundering in their provinces

Vancouver Sun

Some 90 per cent of British Columbians consider money laundering to be a problem in B.C., the highest level of concern across Canada and higher than the average Canadian, according to a new poll.

Climate action, oil and gas growth among top concerns for Canadians

DH News

Following an online survey conducted between August 21 and 26, the institute found that at the top of the list of concerns were two issues that are often stylized as at odds with one other; taking action to battle the effects of climate change and investing in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Health care for seniors: possible election issue

Radio Canada International

Canadians love to vaunt the fact of our universal health care system.

A new survey though shows that for many Canadians accessing the system is not quite what is often vaunted.

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Canadians Disapprove Of Justin Trudeau After Scandal

The Federalist
A new poll finds Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s disapproval rate is rising, and may be attributed to Trudeau’s role in a scandal involving the engineering company SNC-Lavalin.
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