Multicultural Panel

The Angus Reid Forum Multicultural Panel provides faster & more affordable insights into the opinions & perspectives of the Chinese & South Asian populations in Metro Vancouver and Toronto.


Toronto and Metro Vancouver are well known for being among the most ethnically diverse regions in the world — today over 45% of Metro Vancouverites and 41% of Torontonians have Asian ancestry, the two largest segments being Chinese and South Asian. However, until now, these groups have been hard to reach and multicultural research has traditionally been expensive and time consuming.

Recognizing a need for better, faster, and more affordable access to the large and important multicultural population, Angus Reid Forum Inc. has launched our online Angus Reid Forum Multicultural Panel. Using creative approaches to target these groups where they live, work, and play, we are building the Angus Reid Forum Multicultural Panel to become the strongest and most representative multicultural panel in Canada — offering affordable on-demand access to the opinions and perspectives of the Chinese and South Asian populations in Metro Vancouver.


What are the advantages of the Angus Reid Forum Multicultural Panel?


  • Thousands of Chinese and South Asian Metro Vancouver and Toronto residents & growing


  • Recently recruited panellists are fresh & engaged
  • Lower incidence of "professional respondents" and higher incidence of single panel membership

Demographically Representative

  • Broad & fine tuned recruiting strategies designed to build a more robust, diverse panel while maintaining balanced composition
  • Representative population sub-segments include mother tongue, country of birth, length of time in Canada, language spoken at home, etc.
  • Less weighting of results means greater reliability

Highly Engaged Panellists

  • Higher than industry average response rates
  • Generous reward & incentive program
  • Meaningful participation through panellist interaction & sharing of findings

In Language Capabilities

  • In-language surveys & translation services
  • Panellist support services in both Cantonese & Mandarin


For more information on the Angus Reid Forum Multicultural Panel, or how you can partner with us to grow our panel, contact:

Ricardo Diaz, Director
Tel: 604.716.4549

National Omnibus

Our bi-weekly Angus Reid Forum National Omnibus is the perfect vehicle to gauge the opinions of 1000 Canadians quickly, easily and accurately at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone project because the costs are shared with other clients.


Use our National Omnibus to:

  • Measure awareness of your brand or a particular initiative
  • Determine public support/opposition on a particular topic
  • Test awareness and recall of a marketing campaign
  • Track usage and awareness of your product or service
  • Test reactions to a new concept or new visual
  • And more!


Why Angus Reid Forum National Omnibus?


  • Reliable results: successful predictions in the outcomes of 23 elections across Canada and the USA
  • Fast turnaround: get results in less than 5 business days
  • Cost-effective: save money by sharing the survey and sample
  • Customizable: incorporate audio, video and print with options available to target specific regions
  • Access to the best panel in Canada: reach fresh, engaged and hard-to-reach Canadians


What do we get and how much does the Angus Reid Forum National Omnibus Cost?


  • Survey results from n=1000 Canadians, proportionate by age, gender, and region
  • Written factum with PowerPoint presentation available as an add-on
  • Detailed tables with cross-tabulations of standard variables (age, gender, region etc.) add-on
  • Optional press release add-on
  • $750 to $1,000 per question, depending on nature of questions
  • Discounts provided for bulk buying/multiple questions


For more information on the Angus Reid Forum National Omnibus, or how you can partner with us to grow our panel, contact:

Ricardo Diaz, Director
Tel: 604.716.4549