Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are a "Yes" company that finds solutions to difficult problems and manages to get the job done in impossible circumstances. We proactively find creative ways to do things and will go above and beyond for our panelists and our clients.

Leading Edge Technology

As a curious bunch who are comfortable with technology, we like to break things by asking "is there a better way that this can be done?". We've sought out partnerships with leading technology firms in our industry to provide panelists with multiple platforms to complete their surveys—thus improving engagement and driving better results.

Panel Integrity

Two words guide our interactions with panelists and clients: respect and trust. At the Angus Reid Forum, we strive for transparency and openness in everything from the representativeness of our panel, disclosure about our recruiting methods, our rewards program and finally—to the very questions we ask.

Fun And Celebration

We work hard, and have fun while doing it. Our positive attitude and ability to celebrate successes cultivates a vibrant, inclusive and supportive culture that makes this an enviable place to work.

Above all, we keep it real!