Why Angus Reid Forum

The Angus Reid Forum is our opinion community offering on-demand samples of Canadians for both clients and research suppliers. Our short and interesting surveys, generous incentive program, and technology enabled software results in the most highly engaged respondents in the industry.

The Angus Reid Forum is designed with hard-to-match advantages:


Angus Reid Brand Recognition

  • Angus Reid is the most recognized and reputable name in Canadian market research industry


  • Aiming to be the largest consumer opinion community in Canada
  • A significant number of data points for efficient sampling of target populations
  • Best resource for general population and hard-to-reach targets


  • Recently recruited respondents are fresh and engaged
  • Lower incidence of "professional respondents"
  • Proprietary recruiting methods and brand recognition resulting in higher incidence of unique members on our panel
  • Profiling data is highly accurate

Designed to suit different technologies

  • Our software accommodates desktop and is mobile-friendly
  • We utilize messenger and text based participation
  • Mobile-only households identified
  • Users can participate in submitting photos, video, and other "techno-ethnographic" research

Social Media-Savvy

  • Usage of all social media is part of profiling data
  • Greater potential to learn from opinion-shapers
  • Ability to target heavy social media users

Transparent and Diverse Recruiting

  • Most diverse recruiting methods of any Canadian research panel
  • Our broad recruiting strategies build a more robust, diverse opinion community
  • Partnering programs with clients

Short and Interesting Surveys

  • Our partnerships with Angus Reid Institute, Insights West and other major polling firms engage respondents on socially relevant topics
  • Our surveys average 10 minutes in length and we don't do surveys that exceed 15 minutes

The Best Incentive Program in the Industry

  • Rewards and incentives are much more generous than the industry average
  • We use a combination of cash incentives, random draws and charitable giving
  • Large variety of online rewards for respondents to choose from

Demographically Representative

  • Includes representative numbers of hard-to-recruit groups such as males and 18 – 34 year olds
  • Less weighting of results means greater reliability
  • Balanced composition is maintained through fine-tuned recruitment strategies


Please contact us for more information on the Angus Reid Forum:

Ricardo Diaz, Director
Tel: 604.716.4549
E: ricardo.diaz@angusreid.com

For projects requiring US, or international sample, sourcing will be handled by our partners.