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Your opinions have an impact on our world. Here are some of the latest news stories where surveys completed by members of the Angus Reid Forum are getting attention and appearing in the news.

Opinion: Summer can be especially hard for the lonely and isolated

The Montreal Gazette
For many, the summer months are a welcome change from Montreal’s long and harsh winter — an opportunity to get outside and enjoy all the fun activities the city has to offer. For those who are lonely and isolated, however, summer can be an especially difficult time of year.

Canadians in Chronic Pain: Cost, access to treatment pose significant barriers for those suffering the most

Angus Reid Institute

For many Canadians, the activities and experiences that many of us take for granted are significantly hindered by something unseen by the naked eye: persistent, ongoing pain.

Most Canadians support Liberal decision on Trans Mountain expansion

Vancouver Sun

The majority of Canadians (56 per cent) support Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to approve the controversial twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline, according to a Angus Reid poll.

Four-in-ten who voted for Trudeau’s Liberals in the last election now disapprove of his performance

The Post Millennial
For many across the country, October will be an important time of potential change, with Canadians eager to express let their voices be heard via the ballot box. With four years of Trudeau nearly in the bag, Canadians from East to West will have a big decision on hand. Do they vote to keep Justin Trudeau in power, or is it time for him to step aside, allowing someone new to take the helm?

Saskatchewan’s Premier Scott Moe most popular leader in Canada: poll

Global News
Saskatchewan loves its leader.

Premier Scott Moe had a 65 per cent approval rating in a recent Angus Reid survey, the highest of all premiers in Canada.

MOVE OVER HOCKEY? Canada's quickly falling in love with basketball

Toronto Sun
With the Toronto Raptors’ first-ever NBA finals appearance in full swing, a new Angus Reid Institute survey suggests the popularity of professional basketball is on the grow in Canada.
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