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Your opinions have an impact on our world. Here are some of the latest news stories where surveys completed by members of the Angus Reid Forum are getting attention and appearing in the news.

Freeland tops cabinet minister ratings


Polling company Angus Reid released the results of their second annual rankings of the performance of cabinet on Friday, just as MPs head back to their ridings until the new year. Angus Reid calculated scores by subtracting the percentage of those saying the minister did a “good job” from the percentage saying they did a “bad job.”

Study finds Canadians concerned about shipping petroleum by water

Global News
A new Angus Reid Institute study suggests Canadians have a much greater concern over marine shipping when petroleum is involved. The survey of over 2,200 people found 94 per cent of Canadians believe marine shipping is either “very safe” or “generally safe.”

Supporters of public faith in Canada are young, educated, Liberal and 'quite dug in': pollster

National Post
The counter-intuitive discovery puts the lie to the common impression that support for public religiosity in areas like health care, social services and education is driven by evangelical church goers and deeply observant, older, conservative “holy rollers,” said Angus Reid, chairman of Angus Reid Institute. The survey of 2,200 Canadians was conducted in early November, via the Angus Reid Forum, an online community in which people can participate in surveys in exchange for reward points and prizes.

Manitobans unhappy with the legal cannabis consumption age

From Global News
An Angus Reid Survey suggests Manitobans aren’t happy with the legal cannabis consumption age. The poll shows 39 per cent of the province would like to see the legal age reduced to 18. Only 17 per cent agreed the legal age the provincial government set, should stay at 19.

Canadians ‘weary’ of arms trade with Saudi Arabia, survey says

From StarMetro Vancouver
Shachi Kurl, executive director of the Angus Reid Institute, said the findings reflect Canadians’ concerns about Saudi Arabia, especially with regard to human-rights abuses in the war in Yemen. The survey was conducted between Oct. 24 and Oct. 29 among a representative randomized sample of 1,500 Canadian adults who have signed up to receive surveys as part of the Angus Reid Forum.

Rebate plan bumps support for carbon tax despite concerns it amounts to a tax grab: poll

From National Post
According to Angus Reid, the main objection from people who don’t support the plan is the belief, held by two-thirds of dissenters, that it amounts to a “tax grab.” Thirty-six per cent say they have concerns about its effectiveness at fighting climate change and only six per cent of respondents say their opposition came from doubts about human-caused climate change.
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